Fresh snow and veggie burger

A blog is just a blog, if you write something. Logical. And that has probably not worked out in the last two months.
Therefore here is my late New Year's resolution: Regularly the main meal of the day (with or without prescription) upload. Today we start!

A small veggie burger for the Sunday movie

We still had 2 ready-to-use soybeans in the fridge. In addition a few remnants of cucumber and salad ... it can conjure up something great to the crime scene. The man quickly jumped down to the gas station and bought two baguette rolls with grain flocking.

First, I cut the soybeans across and pungent in the pan >. strong> fried. Additional fat was not needed, as the burgers were slightly oiled out of the pack.

While the burgers were sizzling, 1 avocado (which I found on the vegetable dish), Salt , Pepper , Lemon juice , 1/2 Garlic Clove , 1 pinch of Cayenne pepper and Mix 1 spoonful of Creme Fraiche OR Yogurt OR Sour Cream

with the Blender to make a guacamole. DELICIOUS! (If you like, you can add a pinch of ground coriander - then it gets a bit more spicy.)

1 tomato , 1 piece of cucumber and 1 onion (a red is visually great) slice. Wash and dry a few salad leaves .

When the soy beans are crispy on both sides, cut the buns and pile up all the ingredients on the bottom half. Garnish with Ketchup and Mustard to taste and finish with a thick clot of the guacamole on top.

Put the bread roll lid on and off the TV.

The gas station rolls made from the finest wheat flour with raising agents were a bit too fluffy with humans (not the man - she likes them that much). At the next burger evening, I would like to have at least buns with rye content, then everything will get a bit more hearty.