History Don Pepe's Restaurant

Homero Jasso grew up watching his grandmother cook everyday. As a young man he realized very early what he wanted to do. His passion for cooking was passed on from generations before him.


Don Pepe's Restaurant opened its doors in 1989 on Business 83 in Pharr, TX. On opening day, that small, bright colorful Mexican restaurant grossed 4 dollars serving breakfast tacos with only a package of chorizo, a dozen of eggs and size pounds of ground beef. That first restaurant had seating for just four people. Soon after opening, that quaint little restaurant had long lines, very limited parking, and no room for expansion. It became obvious that his small restaurant had outgrown its current space.


With an opportunity before him, Jasso planned to  ring the authenticity of restaurants from Reynosa to the Rio Grand Valley. He wanted everyone on this side of the border to experience the lively, friendly hospitality seen in Mexico. He wanted to expand his menu and bring it to an elegant hacienda style building.


With determination, hard work, and passion for business, people, and food, Homero and Becky turned the restaurant into what it is today. They expanded the menu using primarily Homer's grandmothers recipes and changed just a bit to create their own style of botana platters and enchiladas.

The new bigger Don Pepe's Restaurant and Catering opened its doors in December 2006. it captured a true south of the border ambiance. The beautiful Hacienda structure sits on a acre and a half land and is 6,000 square feet. The grounds outside welcome the customers with well manicured tropical plants and palms as well as a duck pond. The design inside the restaurant includes an open atmosphere in a bright and airy environment. The décor is beautifully designed with no detail left ignored. The Saltillo tile floors, talavera tile accents, Mexican chandeliers, and Mexican lanterns provide and experience rarely seen North of the Rio Grande River.

Don Pepe's is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Traveling Mariachis frequent the restaurant allowing you to request your favorite "cantos."


Homero and Rebecca "Becky" Jasso also offer full catering services and variety of menus for all occasions small or large as well as a take-out menu.

We can't wait to see you here!