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Don Pepe's Mexican Restaurant & Catering is a fine dining experience. We're McAllen's home for great Mexican food! Servicing for more than 25 years, we offer a full service atmosphere, perfect for your early morning breakfast meeting, a sit down dinner for two or the large family celebrations that we are accustomed to in the Rio Grand Valley. So come and enjoy our restaurant with a delicious meal, great company and an authentic atmosphere. Ask about our daily special!  

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Louis S.

I went here recently, just prior to closing time. The wait staff seemed friendly enough. The decor in the restaurant is very nice. I ordered the mole chicken enchiladas, and they were prepared, just as I like. I would recommend, based on this one experience.


Lona B.

I waited to write this review as I didn't want to say anything negative without thought. Went there for a birthday party so always excited to try a new place but I will not be sharing my thoughts with the host.    It was not busy so maybe my first clue.   Tri colored chips were stale and definitely not home made but I didn't expect them to be..     My meal was the bacon wrapped shrimp and one of the most expensive items.  Do not order this!  The shrimp was over cooked and tough and the wrapped bacon was more like a dried cracker with no taste than bacon.  The sauce was a cold clumpy glob.  When I was served, I asked about tortillas and told they don't come with the meal.  I never had a Mexican meal without tortillas before esp. at that price +.   I would have sent it back but the waitress never came back to check us and it was a birthday party.   My husbands plate and those of others around was very skimpy even if beans should be really cheap.   I'll let them comment on the taste but hubby was not impressed.  There was a lot of grumbling around the table so I know others won't be back either. My watermelon martini was very tasty. I don't rush to write anything negative but I can't find positive things to say.  Hope it was just an off night for the cook but I won't be spending my hard earned money there again even if I like to give places a second chance.


Drew O.

This place makes me so happy, but I'm sad because I will compare ever future Mexican meal to this restaurant. Queso was perfect. Salsas were fresh and flavorful. I got beef enchiladas. They were perfect. My colleague got beef fajita quesadilla on corn tortilla. We both said was best we've ever had. Super nice staff.


Lupita M.

Food is good. Service is terrible! Always take forever when I order to go. Won't come again. There are plenty of Mexican restaurants here


Doug D.

They turned our friend away who is  famous singer  because he had a muscle shirt on. We saw the sign on the door " No Muscle shirts" and we thought that it was a joke. So we asked the girl when we walked in the restaurant if my friends shirt was ok. She said it was. Then we go to sit down and to our horror they were all staring at us and asked us to leave. This was a horrible experience and very embarrassing. Will never go there again.


Liza M.

Always a great place food is good get this past time we went , chips were stale, service was off and Gucamole was small portion for the price ..Breakfast is always good here , yet dinner it's ok


Regino G.

I brought my mother and the rest of the family to this restaurant for Mother's Day. We had the parrillada for 4 people which was sufficient to feed all five of us and almost half of it we had to take home since we couldn't finish it. The waiter was always checking on us and it almost felt like they had a lot of staff which is a good thing if you want fast service. The food was delicious all the meat was very well cooked and simply had a very authentic flavor. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for some really good Mexican food that has that original/authentic Mexican flavor.The one thing I didn't like was that they sat us in the bar area since everything else was for and we had to pay the 18% tip for sitting in that area. I like leaving a tip based on the service and for them to have forced it on us because they didn't have any availability in the regular area shouldn't be something I have to pay for.


Ana R.

Everything I have tried from there is delicious! And the service is wonderful! Prices are also pretty affordable! I've been there several times and never regret it!


Brian J.

Don Pepe's came highly recommended by a local, so my Husband and I decided to check it out. The ambience is cute, but the crosses in the wall are a little much. Other then that, it's a really cute restaurant.  The restaurant is clean, which is an improvement over their competition!The food was mostly good. The salsa and sauces lacked flavor. However, the roasted tomato salsa was really good though. The service was pretty good. Our server came by to check on is several times. Food came out promptly. We ordered the Gordito as an appetizer, it was tasty and filling. We both ordered enchiladas. My poblano enchiladas were very good. The enchiladas suizas was okay, the tomatillo sauce was bland. Was not inspired by the drink menu. I like to enjoy quality drinks with premium liquor and little to no sweeteners. Their menu was all sugar. So I stayed away. My husbands margarita was overly sweet, but this is Texas. We are leaving full and happy!Edited for a final note. The men's room was clean, but needs a renovation. It has a broken urinal, cracked mirror to mention just a few.  Although broken, it was still relatively clean.


Sandra R.

I just ate there.  I have had better botanas, but it was just plain ok.  I had expected better.  I didn't enjoy the owner and his daughter standing in front of our table waiting for us to leave.  Although we had finished our meal, we had an order to go. Either way, if your customers are relaxing and talking, they should not be made to rush!  This put such a damper on our enjoying our time as a family.  The manager, daughter, then called a waiter, Way-or Ox in English-because she wanted him to do something faster, I guess.I usually give a place a second try, but due to the customer service of the owner and manager/daughter, I don't see visiting this place again for an ok meal.


Jen O.

You MUST get their migas breakfast tacos. I am in town for 2 weeks and we've already been 4 times for breakfast. It's THE best I've found. Pro tip: ask for the green sauce


Candie V.

I'm just about done with my breakfast and I am extremely disappointed with the service here. The food would was average and cold but above all else the way we have been treated is just down right disrespectful, from the hostess to the server. My husband asked the hostess a question as she sat us and she just walked away, simple questions we asked the server regarding the menu were met with sighs and eye rolls. This restaurant is a waste of space, time and money.


Mauro P.

Don Pepe's is a great tasting experience.  Loved my visit for dinner with the family.  We ordered the Botana Platter for four with Chicken and Beef, mixed (flour/corn) tortillas, rice, beans, avocado and lots of love!  One little extra I loved was the Chicken Caldo they serve you before your platter arrives....honestly tastes like Mama's caldo. Food tastes amazing, rich in flavor and perfectly seasoned.  Corn tortillas are really fresh, "straight from the tortillera-to the comal-to our table".....I can highly recommend this restaurant for any family dinner or special craving of delicious Mexican Cuisine. I'm definitely coming back soon.


Merry C. F.

I gave one star for the service. Food came out in a timely matter. On the other hand the food was bland even the sauces didn't have a kick! We order a bontana for four was a sizeable meal but Bland! Chips red, green and white what's with that?I guess the color of the Mexican flag!? What happen with HOMEMADE chips? How hard is it to make homemade corn tortills cut them and fry and sprinkle some salt!Aye por Dios!Then the place started to get crowded and we we're rudely stared at by the owners! We could not eat and enjoy my family's company! Cause we sure didn't enjoy the BLAND food! Wow I haven't had a terrible experience in awhile! Will I be going back? No thanks not even if I get a dicount! Not worth it!


Lou Lou O.

So we are always looking for a great tasting Mexican restaurant but haven't found that perfect place. Most places are too expensive, don't taste great, or has bad service. This place is a little more expensive then other Mexican restaurants but the food is bland and not outstanding. For the price excellent flavor is required. The enchilada sauce was under seasoned and watery. The rice and beans were average. The chips for the chips and salsa were not very good and tasted like bag chips that were warmed up. The tripas tasted like they weren't fully cleaned and the portion was small for around . I'll go to a taco truck instead. Some high notes was that the service was good and the food cake out quickly. But that's because the place was empty. Never a good sign.


Christel M.

Corn tortillas were authentic and fresh, beautiful atmosphere, but it is a bit pricey. A "higher class" feel for a Mexican restaurant and I felt underdressed in my Friday casual wear. Good food though.


Robert R.

Don Pepes is an established Mexican food restaurant. They provide traditional Mexican food as well as valley staple foods such as botanas.Service for us during lunch hour was quick and cordial. Waiter was helpful in suggesting items and on target with refills.Food is decent. Prices are on the high side, and some items they serve are not on par with what they charge. One example is their rice and beans, they are just fillers, where as they could do better tasting. I guess what I am saying is that you can get the same quality in lower priced restaurants.Their iced tea is powdered based. In an established restaurant you would expect them at least to brew it.We ordered a botana. Great meat and portions. Their tortillas were delicious.We also had a flan which was delicious.Overall we had a good experience and left satisfied and willing to go back and eat another botana.


Ruth C.

This is the classiest Mexican restaurant I've ever been to. But I do class on a budget, haha, so I was lured by a Groupon with a really good deal that cut the bill in half. That might've been my favorite part of the experience. The wait staff was really attentive, except towards the end, but they had a wave of ppl come in, so it's understandable. And the staff helped each other out, so even if your staff person was busy, someone else readily offered to fill in and wait on your table. Excellent service.The food was really good too. The fajitas were a big hit. I was a little surprised that their enchiladas were American though, but I guess since it's a Valley restaurant, Tex-Mex food is expected to a certain extent. I'd recommend it for special occasions or whenever they have a good deal. It's good food and a great experience, but realistically, they do have a lot of competition.


Nicolás A.

As a restaurant with good food and great service the architecture has spots with very well maintained and comfortable with privacy to the client


Hunter T.

The waiter with the mustache was one of the worst servers I have ever had. He came off self absorbed, rude, and frankly not caring about his job. He had more attitude than a teenage girl. I ordered a filet minion, which is supposed to be 8 oz but it was more like 3. Most of it was pure fat, and when I asked the waiter about it he tried telling me that it's supposed to have fat. Then when I went to respond he turned his nose up in the air and walked off. When he brought the to go box for my friend he slammed the items down in front of me while casually ignoring me. The service was so bad in fact, that I will not be returning. El mesero con el bigote era uno de los peores que haya tenido. El mesero actuó egoísta, grosero, y que no le importa su trabajo. Tenía más carácter que una niñata. Pide un filet mignon, y debe ser de 8 oz. Pero era más como 3. Y la mayoría de eso era grasa. Cuando le pregunté sobre esto, me dijo que debe ser así. Cuando iba a responder a él, se fue con la nariz en el aire. El trajo cajas para llevar la comida a mi amigo y se las puso en la mesa con mucha fuerza y actidud. Sobre todo, el mesero estuvo a la mesa menos de 3 veces. El servicio es tan terrible que no voy a volver de nuevo.