Another year older ... with Lemon Curd Sandwich Cake

Many thanks for the lovely wishes, the great gifts, all the kisses, the self-painted picture - and the best voucher in the world ;-)

If someone is still looking for a fast and tasty birthday cake without baking ( our oven is still waiting for a while), I would have a suggestion:

Lemon Curd Sandwich Cake

Cut 2 packages of bisque ground (3 layers each) individually to a comfortable size with the aid of a round stencil or an inverted bowl.

Each Coat the bottom with 2 tbsp Lemon Curd and layer one after the other.

Pour the last ground with lemon juice ( 50 g powdered sugar with 2 tbsp lemon juice ), sprinkle with pie decoration and decorate with umbrellas .

Although the cake looks dry, it will be brightened by the Lemon Curd juicy, tasty and delicious. If you like, serve some lightly whipped cream.