Just eat better

What makes "better" food? Is it the Kobe beef for 350, - Euro per kilo? The white truffle over the homemade pasta? Should all food be bought exclusively on the organic market from regional suppliers? Do you have to be vegan or vegetarian to eat better? Or do you have to torment yourself with these food pyramids that seem to work only in theory?

Oh no.

Not the high price, the exclusivity, the Expenditure or even the ethical attitude automatically guarantee better food.
It does not make sense either - since doomed from the outset - to change his lifestyle or his diet radically and possibly contrary to their own preferences.

That's why guerrilla.

Better food can be conquered almost casually: many small moments decide every day whether we eat better. It's not about a large-scale campaign, but about the inconspicuous little skirmishes - which are all the easier to win.

Since each of us works differently, their own likes and dislikes, a different daily routine and different Roles live and not least a different budget has available, there is no patent recipe. And no "right" or "wrong."

Instead, there are plenty of opportunities for gourmet guerrillas and guerrillas to gain skirmishes and eat better:

The quality

The ingredients

The preparation

The Taste Corridor

The Special

The Lapidary

The Wellbeing

The thirst for adventure

The equipment

Environmental Impact


The Presentation

Taking into account a few of these options at every meal, not just for cooking but also for out-of-home dining, It's easy and almost on the way to becoming a better eater.

And why the whole thing?

Because you are what you eat.
When you value better food, the taste, eating habits, well-being and even the weight change for the better.

Because it gives you plenty of opportunities to have fun, experience surprises, build a relaxed relationship with your diet, stay healthy, and conquer new (enjoyment) worlds time and time again.

Because demand makes the offer. Ultimately, if enough consumers turn to better food, the market will move.

Viva Gourmet Guerilla!